Position Description

Willana Urban has clear objectives relating to an enjoyable work place environment. These are:

  • To uphold the values of Willana Urban in the provision of our service to our clients.
  • To ensure individual team members are exposed to a variety of projects in line with their personal goals/learning plan.
  • To ensure packages are competitive and recognise the contribution and commitment of individual team members.
  • To enable alternative work arrangements to the mutual benefit of the organisation and the individual.
  • To ensure the ongoing professional development of staff.
  • To foster a work environment that is stimulating and enjoyable.
  • To deliver a high standard of professional capability in the provision of our services.

As a Project Manager, integral to your employment, is your ability to work in a team atmosphere that is based on the above objectives. Your performance will be measured against these criteria, particularly at your annual performance review.

As a senior member of our team, your role will, by necessity, be a flexible one. Willana Urban deals with a wide variety of projects and accordingly, senior members of our team are expected to be multi skilled and capable of applying themselves to a variety of projects and management roles.

Outlined below is a sample list of the assumed responsibilities that accord with a Project Management Position within Willana Urban.

  • Directly respond to and resolve client enquiries and action requests in a professional manner.
  • Contribute, positively, to the effective operation of the business and the performance of the team.
  • Be prepared to appear as an expert planning witness in the Land and Environment Court of NSW.
  • Assist with the implementation and maintenance of best practice.
  • Seek to ensure that turnaround times for completion of projects are within reasonable timeframes.
  • Respond to and improve customer service.
  • Continue to build professional relationships within the team and nurture growth within the business.

As a minimum, the key tasks listed below provide a framework for the day to day duties/ role of a senior member of our Willana Urban collective.

  • Provide assistance to all members of staff on planning matters.
  • Follow procedures and processes and assist the Directors in implementing policy.
  • Maintaining accurate systems that aid in measuring your performance.
  • Provide general assistance in the execution of client outcomes and deliverables.
  • As an Urban Planner, ensure that all work produced is consistent with the requirements of the Environmental Planning and assessment Act, 1979, and relevant government planning instruments, codes and policies.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and the application of the Environmental
  • Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and other relevant environmental and planning legislation.
  • Provide high quality report writing.
  • Undertake other duties that may be requested from time to time, in the absence of the Director/s, that relate to the operational management of the firm.
  • Review staff performance; attend job interviews; attend conferences/ forums.
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