Willana Urban embraces the values of ethnic diversity in the delivery of social infrastructure for stronger and more cohesive communities.

As project managers and planners, we are advocates for organisations that support children and young people living with disability or delay. Willana has been involved with Lifestart since 2013.  The delivery of Lifestart’s Eastern Region facility gave the Willana collective, a sense of achievement and community spirit.

Photo courtesy of Lifestart
Master Planning

Willana has managed a number of key sites to direct the long term vision for the built environment by guiding the development of the city, town or region.  Willana Urban sees master planning as an opportunity to provide a conceptual layout, identifying appropriate land uses in order to provides a policy foundation for the City’s land use regulations.

NSW Health

Planning decisions can either contribute to health issues such as obesity OR help to prevent  lifestyle-related diseases.  Key to successful engagement, between Health & Planning, is developing strong partnerships between the professions involved in delivering healthy communities.

Condell Park

At Willana Urban, we forge paths to a resilient future.  It begins with who we are and extends to the impact we bring to communities and the people within them – regardless of race or religion. We are proud to provide our professional services in the delivery of community facilities.

Photomontage courtesy of Architecture Design Studio
Stretton Estate

Willana has been involved in the redevelopment of residential land at Stretton for over 10 years. The rezoning of the land, from its rural landholdings, provided an opportunity for the client to realise their vision of a 650 lot subdivision that would be a legacy into the future.



Our residential projects define
the way in which people live.



Our commercial projects shape
the way people do business.



Our community projects define
the social fabric in which we live.

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